I Don't Know How to Quit You, Diet Coke

Last month, I once again tried to give up diet soda and artificial sweeteners altogether. And it stuck for the longest amount of time yet - a month. Previously I couldn't make it a week. Diet Coke is my raison d'être so a month felt like a long time. But it felt good. I felt virtuous.

A few weeks ago, I fell off the wagon and I'm back at the vending machine. You know what happened?

I was walking in my old neighborhood and I saw a group of nuns returning from the grocery store. One of the nuns was carrying a crate of Diet Coke. Fading sunlight glinted on the familiar silver box as she crossed the street. And I thought to myself:

"This woman has given up the majority of the pleasures in this world, and even so, she has allowed herself to enjoy Diet Coke. Why are you depriving yourself?"

I'm back to one can a day. Ok, maybe two.