Urban Farming Fail

Remember my tomato plant experiment? All summer long, I watched as a tiny green bud on the non-cherry tomato plant grew a little larger, a little larger, than stopped growing altogether and just sat on the vine for weeks. Finally it started to turn red and ripe for the picking.

My yield thus far! One plum-sized tomato. Plum-size might be a generous description, it was a wee little tomato.

I was so proud and happy as i deposited it in the fruit/veggie basket on my counter. I then promptly went on vacation for the weekend. "I'll eat you when I return," I thought.

But it was not to be...

"N000000000000000000000000....[pause for breath] 00000000000oooo."

That's what I found when I got back. Just so you can get this straight - I watched that little tomato grow every day for 2 months give or take, and then when the moment was right, I bobbled!

Maybe I'll get another chance. You all were right, I needed a larger container. But I have managed to keep them alive thus far, knock on wood.