Vroom Vroom

When I moved to Washington in 2008, I gave my Honda Civic to my dad.  His car had just died and I didn't really need a car in the city.  Sometimes I borrow it, which is really nice of him.  It's the cheap, co-dependent, low-tech version of Zipcar. Recently, my dad talked about maybe trading in the Civic and getting a sports car.  This was very unlike him.  A born saver, one of his favorite pastimes is to shop in the "cheap meat" section of the supermarket.  "What a bargain," he always says about half-price, near-expiry-date deli meat. But hey, he works so hard, he deserves a sports car if he wants one. "What kind of sports car are you going to get?" I asked him. "Well, I was thinking about a Honda Accord," he said. That's more like it.