Happy Dec 1!


Did you have advent calendars growing up?  I got one every year, and I hope I'll have one every year for all my years. 

Every day, I looked forward to opening the little door to discover a reindeer or stocking-shaped piece of chocolate that tasted vaguely of cardboard, but no matter.  This really gets you in the holiday spirit for the whole month.

My mom called me a few days ago, right before my parents' big vacation to Hawaii.  "Oh, I meant to tell you," she said.  "I bought advent calendars for you guys, but then I forgot to give them to you and since I won't see you for awhile, I gave them to the neighborhood kids."

Well, shoot.  I love stories where people tell me about the gifts they got me and then subsequently gave away.  I guess the kids in the neighborhood were happy, but this 27-year-old needs an advent calendar, dangit!

I had to buy my own at CVS yesterday.  Right in the nick of time!