Full Metal Jousting

There's a line in my new fav show Portlandia that goes something like, "He only watches shows about fishing or logging."  Doesn't this describe modern man, circa 2012?  I have little to no dating advice but this needs to be said: one amazing thing about being single is that you never have to watch "Ax Men." Of course I wouldn't seek this show out on my own, but I admit, I got sucked into the drama of Rygaard, Swilley, Paw Paw, Shelby Stanga and other seeming incompetents trying to fell large trees without killing or maiming themselves. This is the male version of Real Housewives.  That's my thesis.  And just like Real Housewives, there are a ton of these types of reality shows.  More actual destruction, instead of just the emotional destruction that's highlighted on Bravo. I tried to call Joe a few minutes ago and he seemed distracted.  "Are you busy?" I asked. "Can I call you back?  We're about to watch an intense jousting scene," he said. Of course, a reality show about medieval jousting.  Sure, call me when it's over.