Links I Like Friday

 I'm excited to share the things I liked online this week.  First of all, in shameless self-promotion, here's my fun facts about the revamped Julia Child kitchen exhibition at the Smithsonian for Eater DC!

And now, the rest of the Internet:

Chris Rock talks about how he hates credit and misses Chris Farley in this thoughtful interview [Details].

A North Korean immigrant's unlikely turn as a gangsta rap mogul. [LA Times]

Cah-yute prints and posters.  I think I like the "Bonjour" one best, what about you? [A Beautiful Mess]

Are freelance book reviewers afraid to be critical? [Washington Post]

Finally, someone else thinks sock monkeys are tres chic. [Design Sponge]

Andy Murray's puppies stole his gold and silver medals. [Deadspin]

NYT says backyard weddings are where it's at. [New York Times]