So happy I dragged my Fujifilm INSTAX camera to France on our vacation.  Sure, you look like an uber tourist when you pull out this gigantic honkin' camera, but the little print-out photos are so much fun.  I love the fact that it airbrushes all your blemishes away, ha. Don't we look retro? It's like real life Instagram.


I finally learned how to hook up my new wireless printer/scanner, so I can share these photos now.  I had to chat with a Comcast representative to figure out how to change my wireless password, and it took a few representatives for me to figure it out.  My first reaction to tech conversations is always utter despondency.  "This will never, ever work," I told Joe, instantly abandoning all hope as I chatted online with someone named John Anthony from Comcast.  And I mean furiously chatted, typing a full paragraph of frustration about exactly why I was unable to change my password.

"You don't need to type all of that," Joe said.  But I wanted John Anthony to thoroughly understand where I was coming from.  "Why don't you just write, 'Yes," Joe said.

John Anthony suggested something I had already I tried.  "I knew that already," I wrote.  Throwing some shade.  I could've written "DUH" or "DOY" but I refrained.