Links I Like Sunday

 If you live in D.C. and love decorating your home, please check out my exhaustive Refinery 29 list of some of the coolest home decor stores in Washington!  This was my dream assignment.  I had so much fun going shopping and putting the list together.  There is a gilded chair at The French Apartment that is calling my name.  And I'm headed to Trohv again tomorrow to window shop with my friends.

And because I love office supplies, I pretended I was going back to school shopping for this roundup of seriously cute desk accessories.  Click here for neon pens and polka dot staplers.

For Eater DC, here's a first look at reviews of Todd Thrasher's intriguing new TNT Bar.  There's a $17 cocktail! 

And the rest of the Internet:

I think Lady Gaga looks gorgeous in these backstage photos. [Terry Richardson's Diary]

The new anti-texting and driving commercials are so scarily effective, especially the "Yeah" commercial.  What a nightmare.  Here's an article about why reckless driving laws in Virginia may be changed. [Washington Post]

Which of these design-y chairs will stand the test of time? [NY Times]

Ohhh... advice columnists (including my favs Dear Sugar and Dear Prudence) talk shop. [Hazlitt]

Going to attempt to make this mango flan cheesecake on Monday. [Design*Sponge]

I've always secretly liked Pink.  Find out why she puts more than half her earnings in her "F You" account. [EW]