Tunes Tuesday, "The Fox," Niki & the Dover


Image: Niki And The Dove's Facebook Page

Yesterday's Twin Shadow concert at the Black Cat just confirmed to me that George Lewis Jr. is a hearthrob in the classic sense.  You know, perfect voice crooning about broken hearts, between-songs banter with an arched brow, on-point pompadour.  Yeah, that's the stuff.  I love his music and if you do too, you absolutely need to see the band live.  Joe said that he looked like Lenny Kravitz, and the keyboard player was Lisa Bonet (editor's note: she really did look a lot like Lisa Bonet).

But for today's Tunes Tuesday, I'm picking a single from the Swedish opening band, Niki & The Dove. The girls standing next to us were the biggest super fans I've ever seen at a show. It was impressive, and I'm saying that despite the fact that one of them elbowed me in the skull. I almost wonder if they went to high school with the band or something. They immediately started screaming requests for this song, "The Fox," so that's the one I'm going to pick.  I really do like the fizzy chorus, then again I'm a sucker for choruses about staying up all night and watching the stars. And if there is a sing-along "oh, oh, oh" section, I'm done for. So fun.

As for Niki & The Dove's live performance: Malin Dahlstrom's stage presence brought to mind a Kristen Wiig SNL performance.  Lots of frantic smiling. The props reminded me of Lady Gaga on a budget. Check out that flower crown in the picture. Then imagine it + rave-style light-up ring accessories. A pom pom was also bandied about. Trippy, eh?