Upbeat Playlist

Upbeat Tunes November 2012 from goshgeegolly on 8tracks Radio.

My friend Debie said yesterday,"I noticed you have not been updating your blog everyday. As a devoted reader, I demand answers."

She's right, of course. I was writing checks my butt couldn't cash.

When I said everyday, I actually meant every weekday. Or rather, every Tuesday and some Fridays.

In penance, I give you a fun Friday playlist. Some background: last year for Christmas, I gave Joe a Shuffle mp3 player and promised I would make him playlists every month, which I managed to do, more or less.

Months into this project, I discovered that Joe only listened to his Shuffle while working out. Hence, he would skip every song that wasn't "upbeat." I had no idea, so I was just putting songs I dig on there. Like Joanna Newsom's "Baby Birch," an 8 minute harp song rumored to be about abortion. So good, I just listen to that song on repeat and weep. But apparently it isn't the best soundtrack for working out.

A lot of the music I like is what Debie deems "sleepytime music." So for this playlist, I tried to go outside the box and choose music that Joe might actually like: "Upbeat music." Which in my brain translates to a mix with a bit of electronica, some indie, and way more top 40 rap and stripper anthems than you might expect. Hope you enjoy!