Last Cross Race 2012

I mentioned earlier in the year that Joe and our friend Alex have been getting into cyclo-cross bike racing. I went to their first race in the fall and just went to their last race of the season this past weekend. Their biking has improved by leaps and bounds over these past few months. And this sport is no joke. Jumping over barriers, running with your bike up hills, possibly crashing into hay barrels. I get tired just as a spectator.

I think my cheering abilities have improved too. I have a cowbell that I listlessly ring now, as I'm freezing on the sidelines at 7 a.m.

Here's Joe ringing the cowbell.

There's never an ambulance parked outside by tennis matches. Just saying.

The races have a really fun atmosphere. AKA there's sometimes free beer. No, seriously, this one in Reston went all out, with tons of people and babies and dogs milling about.

We saw this from far away and Joe said, "Those dogs look like goats."

That's because they are goats! A volunteer from nearby Frying Pan Farm Park took them for a stroll. I didn't know goats would walk on leashes. This changes everything.

Santa made an appearance.

As did this incredibly creepy Jack Skellington-looking creature. You can't really see here, but it was a man with a white facemask and skintight tuxedo.