Words with Friends and Enemies

I'm currently playing 4 simultaneous Words With Friends games on my iPhone and I'm losing all of them.

This is not good for my self esteem.

The worst part: I am an English major! In my defense, I never took Scrabble 101.

Words With Friends is better than Scrabble, because there is no need to pull out a dictionary to check if words are real. You can just arrange letters on the board and click submit until the computer accepts the word.

These are "words" - and i use that term loosely - that have been played in our WWF games.

  • sib
  • wert
  • xu
  • wodge
  • poots

Poots? Really? Poots.

I tend to argue about the truthiness of these words.

me: debie, wodge is barely aword

Debie: haha

2:16 PM i keep thinking of wodge and laughing

i was trying for anything, clearly.

Debie: hahaha apparently wert is aword!

and so is xu

what does poots mean??

2:13 PM other words i've used and don't know what they mean: poh, rime, dreg

But I can't even think of made-up words, let alone real words.


11:19 AM Joseph: i'm on fire

you might as well resign this game

me: i know - it's not looking good for me

11:20 AM i'm getting desperate

turns out "zorgs"

Who Wears a Cape?

There is one question I am constantly asking those around me:"Would you still be friends with me if I wear [insert ridiculous fashion trend here]?"


"Would you still be friends with me if I wear bellbottoms?"
"Would you still be friends with me if I wear suspenders?"
"Would you still be friends with me if I wear denim floral hotpants?"

I own all these items, by the way.

Here is a real excerpt from a gchat convo yesterday with my friend Debie. Just to illustrate my point:

3:23 PM me: i went to zara yesterday
and i loved all the fall stuff...
would you still be friends with me if i wore a cape
3:24 PM Debie: they are in this season...
i could accept a capelet
me: i tried one on
i couldn't tell if it looked cool or homeless
Debie: that's a question you should never have to ask yourself

Ed. Note: I removed all the "hahaha"s from the conversation in order to improve readability.


I don't know if I do this in normal conversation, but I think have a tendency to dominate gchats. I like to write (duh), so I just keep typing and typing paragraph after paragraph. The other person will be looking at other web pages, or step away from the computer to make a sandwich, you know, the usual stuff, and meanwhile I'm writing the next great American novel in the gchat window. They come back and the screen looks like this (actual conversation):

17 minutes
4:59 PM me: i decided at work today that i am going to write a soap opera about au pairs
5:00 PM this was after my coworker told me he knew one who crashed the host family's car
5:01 PM and another who had an affair with the husband and then the mom found out and told the agency that the au pair was hitting the kids so they sent her back to her country
then the dad paid for her plane ticket back and set her up in an apt as his mistress
isn't that a great soap opera!

And it just goes on like that, with more and more text for them to scroll through.

And I type really fast so I imagine it's hard to get a word in edge-wise.