Flying Croissants, Popsicles and More

Weekend in review:

1.) A homeless man threw a croissant in my general direction. He was rummaging through a garbage bag full of day-old pastries and pitching the rejects into the street. Don't see that everyday! He had a good arm, the croissants were flying.

2.) Went to a crab feast in Maryland. Completely legit - pitchers of Bud Light, crabs in cardboard boxes on tables, and Old Bay everywhere.

4.) Went to the Eels concert and saw E, who is the coolest dude ever. He rocked out, then complained that the D.C. crowd wasn't rocking hard enough, then threw fistfuls of Popsicles into the crowd during his set. Flying food seemed to be a theme this weekend...

The opening act included a "rock and roll ventriloquist."

Piano Recital, in the Style of Lady Gaga

So, six tickets together. I knew that they weren't going to be good, but sure enough, very last row. We kept climbing and climbing till there was nowhere left to climb.

Ah well, we got an aerial view. And heard all the hits. I'm not used to concerts with plots, very Broadway. I think Lady Gaga could be an effective cult leader. I was getting a pseudo religious vibe during some of her speeches.

But I don't care what anyone says, the girl can sing!

This is Tori's picture of the big screen. Note the Cavaliers shirt.

At one point, Gaga sat down at a piano for some stripped down versions of her songs. My friend Kate said it reminded her of the piano recital I dragged her to in college.

Kate: Yeah, remember when you played the piano in a bikini?

Me: Hmm..

Kate: And then you played a few notes with your foot while wearing high high heels?

Me: Oh, uh huh.

Kate: And then a guy wrapped in an American flag while playing a guitar came over and simulated something during the song.


Kate: And then you set the piano on fire?

Kate: You got an A, didn't you?

Me: No, I failed because the piano was ablaze.