Jeffrey Cambell Groovie in Review

I checked back in on the rainbow sandals today: they are sold out, but there's one review up. And it's a doozy.

Here's the text, in case you can't read it:

"The shoes are the best. I own many others, but these are def. my favorites. The bright multicolored heel make them an attractive option for any occasion/outfit. I wore them last weekend to my sister's wedding, and although my mother was horrified, and my sister was too self-absorbed to notice, my dad said they reminded him of the buttons he used to sport back in his "anti-man" hippie days. I only fell over once, but all the looks of jealousy made it worth it. Def a worthwhile buy. ENJOY!"

Jeffrey Campbell Climbers

I better write about my new 2010 boots before it turns into sandal weather. I'm always drawn to accessories with buckles and clips and hardware and a lot going on. Well, check out the hardware on these shoes.

Image from Solestruck

Intense, huh? I saw this image and that was it. I thought they were fun and tough and whimsical, all rolled into one four-inch heeled package. And surprisingly easy to walk in.

There was the one day, however, when I was walking briskly in my boots to the bus stop and I realized something was dragging from my shoe.

Somehow, impossibly, a tree branch had lodged itself into one of the buckles on my shoe.

The branch was larger than this but I had to snap it off in order to get on the bus...


Rainboots are the most practical of shoe purchases. I bought these Steve Madden rainboots this year and wondered why it took so long to buy a pair. It's a gamechanger. I can stomp in puddles gleefully. And the orange stripe is super cute.

But there is a problem. The longer I wear them, my feet seem to conform to the boot and it's nearly impossible to take them off. Even with the zipper! Yesterday I had both boots halfway off, but neither would come all the way off, which was debilitating, and I was starting to fret that I might have to call someone to help. After some persistence, I was finally free. Phew!

So pluses and minuses to rubber shoes. Are Hunter boots any better?

Look, I got a shelf to get more organized. This is good and bad because now I have room for more shoes.

Go Go Gadget

I wore my white gogo boots to the office last week. With fishnet tights.

Not sure why I ever bought these. Actually, I remember - they were an emergency impulse DSW buy after my ballet flats left my feet battered from a morning of walking in New York.

No one need white boots. But I try to wear them occasionally to justify the purchase. Although if they cause my dismissal at work, that won't justify much.

It's cool - the rest of my outfit was conservative. A turtleneck makes everything ok. Right. Right? Right??

I work at a design firm, so I feel there should be some creative license to the dress code. OK, the fishnet tights are a bit much. They are tasteful fishnets... I dare say, however, that some people at work seemed to like the outfit - it reminded them of growing up in the 60s.

My friend Prudence had the best reaction to my boots. I walked by her in the kitchen as she was drinking a glass of water - she looked down at the gogo boots and almost did a spit-take. That was a honest assessment.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have ideas on how to wear white flat boots.

Also, should I do more fashion-blogger-esque outfit posts? Not because I think that I am a model. I don't at all. Just because most of the blogs I read are fashion-related and I think it would be fun to throw my hat (or white boots) into the ring.

Dress for Success

Here at Gosh Gee Golly, we believe that most items of clothing can become work appropriate with the addition of a cardigan. Example: that romper? Throw a cardigan on it and you are good to go.

This is about practicality after all, and getting the most for your money. It's such a shame to compartmentalize a closet - all our clothes should live in harmony.

And with this, I bring you the shoes I wore to work on Monday.

Jeffrey Campbell, Kitty 2, via Need Supply

I've already blogged about them before, but I just had a revelation about these shoes. I always thought they were cute in that so-ugly way, but now I know exactly how to describe them. These are my "Granny/Street-walker" shoes.

Don't you think? Can't you see it? Orthopedic hooker footwear.