Dress for Success

Here at Gosh Gee Golly, we believe that most items of clothing can become work appropriate with the addition of a cardigan. Example: that romper? Throw a cardigan on it and you are good to go.

This is about practicality after all, and getting the most for your money. It's such a shame to compartmentalize a closet - all our clothes should live in harmony.

And with this, I bring you the shoes I wore to work on Monday.

Jeffrey Campbell, Kitty 2, via Need Supply

I've already blogged about them before, but I just had a revelation about these shoes. I always thought they were cute in that so-ugly way, but now I know exactly how to describe them. These are my "Granny/Street-walker" shoes.

Don't you think? Can't you see it? Orthopedic hooker footwear.