Goodbye Fuji

This weekend I sold my bike on Craigslist to someone who would truly love it: a preteen girl.   


The cool thing about having a blog is I can figure out exactly when I first bought it: August 2009. Feels like forever ago.  I adored it, mainly because of the color. But ever since I got the Bikeshare, I rarely rode the Fuji. If I get another bike, I want one with a step-through frame because this one was a bit too much bike for me. I love the look of this one, but that feels like a silly purchase for me. Even if I ride the Bikeshare to work every day, that has to be cheaper. Although, that's assuming that the Bikeshare bike is available for your commute...

Looking back through the blog's archives, I can see it's been an up and down relationship: I got passed by a jogger while riding the bike, received a bike light from a friendly biker, wrestled the bike up and down the stairs,  and accessorized with a hot pink Hello Kitty bike helmet.

It's bittersweet: I feel like I kind of gave up on this bike, but I enjoyed it while I had it. And hopefully this new owner will give it the love it deserves. And I will pocket the cash.