Bike Q & A

I'm trying to learn about bikes/bike culture but there's still so much I don't understand. For instance, why are fixed gear bikes so popular? Isn't coasting one of the most fun part of riding a bike? Like going down a hill and thinking "Wheeeee!" in your head as you are riding. Or possibly saying it out loud?I like to coast, but then again I am an incredibly slow, Sunday-driving, getting-passed-by-grandmas bike rider.

Here's some more questions inspired by bike sightings on the street.

Is this SpongeBob doll purely decorative? Or is it functional? Is it holding the seat on?

This bike rack is made out of two by fours. Looks sturdy. Is this how folk in the days of yore transported their milk crates?

Somewhat related thought: a Mennonite girl lived down the hall from me in college, and when we moved into the dorm, her entire family assembled a giant, wooden loft for her bed that looked a little like this bike rack, but on a larger scale. They could've been building a barn or the Ark of the Covenant, for the amount of beams they used. That was one solid loft. It took up the entire room and many trees sacrificed their lives for the endeavor.