Disparate Thoughts for a Friday

  • You can tell that I am an "Amazing Race" fan because I always double-check when I get out of cabs to make sure I haven't left my passport in the backseat. I don't even carry my passport around, but you never know.
  • I want to be Sandra Tsing Loh when I grow up. On second thought, her life doesn't seem that great at the moment, according to this thought-provoking essay about being a bad mother - she's going through a divorce and living out of her car. Boy, she sure can write, though...
  • Another fascinating woman and one of my favorite models, Daul Kim, died yesterday. She was only 20 years old. I know it's strange to have a favorite model, but it's mainly because of her blog. It's bizarrely readable for something written with little to no punctuation. She didn't need punctuation, her personality was evident with every word. I would describe her as enigmatic, yet still somehow you felt as though you knew her. Can't stop reading the comments on her last blog post, so very sad... One commenter calls the blog "compilations of a lovely mind," which is spot on. She did seem like a lovely person, inside and out. We need more of those in the world.