Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

For the past year, I've been going to a really posh dental practice. Gorgeous Zen-style waiting room, dentist chairs outfitted with iPods, the works.

None of this is necessary, I know. At first I thought this choice of dentist was just related to my delusions of grandeur. That's part of it surely, but yesterday i realized the real reason I continue to make appointments there: the hygienists always ask me, "Wow, have you lost weight?"

Every single time. So much so that it goes well beyond the realm of possibility (not that I am complaining). I think it is part of their business model.

This simple phrase works so well, I think other companies should adopt it. Like McDonalds - cashiers could say, "Thank you for your order... Have you lost weight? Would you like to supersize that?"Or telemarketers. "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of RCN and I'd like to inform you of the many reasons you should switch your cable company today. But first - have you lost weight?"