Fashion Blogs Are the New Pink

I've been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately, and which has almost made me think that it's normal to take a ton of pictures of yourself and your clothes every day and post them on the Internet. Almost. But I do like fashion (not that you tell from my clothes, heh) and I am generally more inspired by what these girls are picking out than what I see in magazine editorials. Here's some blogs I've been reading, they're all pretty famous so I'm sure it's old news...This newsy, NYC fashion blog is written by my friend Debie's friends Lani and Erin. I think Lani might be a cooler version of me. She likes everything I like, but she likes it before I even know about it. True story - Me: "I think I want to buy a leather backpack on eBay." Debie: "Oh, Lani has one. She got it six months ago."

Anyway, their blog is really fun and they update it a lot. I read it every morning when I'm drinking my tea at work.

This girl is a star. It's the first fashion blog I started reading, and now I'm hooked. Which leads me to...

Sea of Shoes. This one, along with Karla's, begs the question - how do these 17-year-olds afford oodles of designer shoes? I can't relate to Jane at all, as it seems she and her mother have more Ann Demeulemeester boots than one could shake a stick at, but her wardrobe choices are fun and fantastical.

This illustrator draws her outfits instead of taking photos. Adorable!

The Cherry Blossom Girl
- Parisian chic...Who doesn't want to dress like they are French?

I'm not a regular reader of this one, because the fact that she is 13 and the toast of the fashion world blinds me with jealousy. She is amusing, I'll give her that.

So here's the other thing I'm thinking about fashion blogs - You're a 13, 17, or 21-year-old fashion blogger, you're gorgeous, you have a closet full of fab clothes, every time you post a picture of yourself wearing a jumpsuit, you get 100 comments from readers saying how cute you look. But -where do you go from here?! This must be IT. What do you do with the rest of your life?

Perhaps I'm putting too much thought into this. They should just enjoy the moment, I suppose, then go to med school or something.

It's so interesting how one can become Internet famous through fashion blogs. I was in Georgetown a few weeks ago and I saw a girl who was dressed crazy. Then I realized I had read her fashion blog before. A minor DC celeb spotting! And I saw this guy on the metro on the same day that his picture was posted on Brightest Young Things and he was wearing the exact same outfit. I wanted to tell him, "Hey, I just saw you on the Internet," but nixed it because it's probably too creepy. Although, the dude's wearing a hat with a giant Lego on it, so I'm sure he's used to comments from strangers.