Things Accomplished During the December 2009 Snowstorm

  • Listen to all 8 hours of Woxy's 97 most-played albums of the year. I am thoroughly caught up on 2009's awesome music.
  • Clean out pantry and throw out expired circa-2005 oatmeal and canned olives that all of us just assumed belonged to the other roommates, when in reality they were purchased by roommates long gone.
  • Find an ancient, all-metal snow shovel in the basement. I think it is original to the house.
  • Read "Half Broke Horses" by Jeannette Walls. The heroine, Lily Casey Smith, was one tough cookie! Then start to read Bret Easton Ellis's "Less than Zero," a novel about rich teenagers in L.A. I think all those kids could benefit from doing some hard work on a ranch.
  • Walk around in the snow. Own so many boots, yet none are conducive to bad weather. Note for next time - clogs not a good idea in snow, even if they are waterproof. Don't ask why I own waterproof clogs.
  • Darn sock. And sew the eye back on this fella:
Good as new!