Please, Top Chef, Have an Easy Bake Oven Quickfire Challenge Next Season

The church I go to is doing one of those "Toys for Tots"-type donations, and I signed up to give an Easy Bake Oven. Blast from the past, that. It was the only toy on the list that I'd actually heard of - the rest were strange things like Zhu Zhu Pets and Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Can't keep up with kids these days.

So for reasons that are too boring to go into here, I got sidetracked on my way to drop off the Easy Bake Oven and I ended up carrying this giant, gift-wrapped box all over the city. And what I discovered is that people are real nice to you if you are carrying a large Christmas present. They are all smiley and Christmas cheer-y. I think I'm going to wrap up an empty box, stick a big bow on it and take it everywhere I go from now on. Same outcome, easier to carry. Although this might stop getting positive reactions by around April or so.