Nanook of the North

I have a fondness for coats with hoods.

The only problem is that they very much diminish your field of vision. When I wear my giant blue puffy coat with the fake fur-lined hood up, this is what I see when I turn my head.

The inside of my coat's hood

A world of blue. At crosswalks when the walk sign lights up, I look to cross to street, see nothing but blue, say a prayer and step out into traffic. I guess I could take the hood off but I'm far too lazy for that. I'll take my chances.

Also, have you ever noticed that when you wear a coat with a big hood, men on the street trying to check you out make an extra effort to peer past the hood to see what your face looks like? I might be delusional on that but I could swear it's happening.

Nah, probably just delusional.

Totally emo picture, but look how long my hair is now!