Fiscal Responsibility

Last week was my most grown-up week to date: I went to a film festival and I visited my new accountant. That's right, I have an accountant - how grown-up am I? *Z-snap.

One was more fun than the other (the Oscar Short Films are great! Especially this one and this one). I had to round up my tax papers/receipts before I visited the accountant, because my goal was to write off my rapidly-multiplying collection of party dresses. I sure seem to spend a lot of money on them, yet it feels as though I wear the same dress to every party.

He said I couldn't count the dresses as a business expense though - bummer. Apparently the only people who can write off clothing are service members because you wouldn't wear a military uniform for any other reason. The accountant took a look at my crumpled heap of receipts from Gilt and Filene's Basement and said, "Yes, this is everyday clothing you could wear on the street."

I grabbed a receipt for a long gold ballgown. "Can I wear this every day? Why would I wear a cocktail dress on the street?" Then it started to sound like I was describing a different profession. Wonder if they can write off their platform shoes.

Anyway, my record-keeping could use some work. The worst part is the tendency to hoard. Why on God's green earth did I save Chipotle receipts from 2008? When I carefully filed the receipt in a folder, what was I thinking?! "This $8 burrito might be useful one day." What day is that?

It just went on and on: two years of receipts for truly inconsequential things from Benihana, the Body Shop, Whole Foods. Although it is a trip down memory lane to look at receipts - ah yes, I remember that trip to CVS... It was the day I bought cough drops. Gather round, children, and I will tell you a tale...

*I actually can't snap.