Brush with a Celebrity of Sorts (Justin Bobby's Song)

This weekend, I went to a club in D.C. with a group of girlfriends. The waiter walked up to us, clasped his hands together and said, "So are you all excited to see Justin Bobby?"

"Who?" we said.

Justin Bobby, Justin Bobby... That sounded familiar. Two first names, not Justin Bieber - oh yeah, it's that guy from The Hills. The one who dated Audrina. Yes, it's all coming back now.What a minor celebrity, I thought. Justin Bobby.

Long story short - we ended up hanging out with him at his table. This is why it pays to have ridiculously good-looking friends. My friend just asked him if we could sit with him and he said sure. He gave me a high five and then I wrote a quick text, "Justin Bobby just gave me a high five." I love how I was so cynical initially and then instantly awed, ha.

But then I told him, "This must be the easiest money you've ever made," referring to his club appearance. He didn't much care for that. Too honest? But Justin Bobby, I give you props, you were perfectly friendly, even to a random chick who insulted you while she drank your alcohol. Will add a picture perhaps later.