Free - I mean, Cautiously Wheelin'

Yesterday I rode my bike to a comedy show on U Street (Eugene Mirman! And friends!) and afterwards, I went back to unlock the bike only to find a guy passed out on the sidewalk next to it. I felt very urban at that moment.

I've been riding the bike a lot this week - I was inspired by my super cool friend Julie, who visited last week and is an avid biker. I borrowed a friend's bike for her, so we could do some sightseeing around the city. Rode the borrowed bike home from a party at 1 a.m. while I was a tad bit tipsy and the borrowed helmet was too small to fit on my head. Nothing about that scenario is safe!

I generally feel very close to God when I am biking. Not because nature is pretty or anything. It's because I am praying, "Dear Jesus, please don't let that car hit me."

But yesterday I was riding back from the show at night on the sidewalk on Massachusetts Avenue and I saw my shadow reflected along the trees and it was such a peaceful moment. Then I looked closer and noticed a deer staring at me from the patch of woods. Would've missed that if I was speeding by in a cab! But perhaps I would've had an interesting conversation with the cabbie so maybe the whole thing is a wash.