Are You Married? Why Not?

Living in a Metro-inaccessible place, I tend to take a lot of cabs home and I often chat with cab drivers to make the time pass quicker. I would say, for whatever reason, about 15% of the time they tell me I should get married.

Not to them, necessarily. Just in general. This is such a buzzkill on the way home from a night out.

Last week, a cabdriver said, "It's good to get married young. Well, you have plenty of time. How old are you -21? 22?"

Me: "26."

Cabdriver: "Ohhh..." [said with an inflection that suggests, wait never mind, cancel that previous statement, time's running out.]

Actually, the reason I talk to cab drivers is because they always think I'm 21 or 22 and it's fun to hear, haha.