Tennis System

This year marked my triumphant return to the world of USTA tennis leagues. I played singles on a team three years ago or so, and I did well enough to get bumped up a level to 3.5. I wasn't sure I could hack it at the higher level, and I "retired" in singles after that.It turned out to be an Amanda Bynes-type of retirement, as I decided to give it a go again this season. I ended up with a winning record, 6-4, and I remembered how much fun it is to compete. What other time in the adult world does this happen - two strangers meet, shake hands, and then try for an hour and a half to annihilate one another? Nothing personal, it's just sports.And to my relief, though I played people who were technically superior than me, I was able to hang with them. I looked totally crazy doing so - some fist pumping, yelling, attempts at mind games, general neurosis. But who cares how it looks if it is works. My shots aren't great, there's nothing in my game that stands out, except the fact that I really want to win. The will to win is all I have, and sometimes that is enough.