Charm City

Last weekend, my friend Amy and I took a day trip to Baltimore. I'd only been to the Inner Harbor, and I wanted to see what else there was to see - the weird, artsy stuff that I've read about recently. Alas, there were many tactical errors on this trip. It turns out that a synchronized swimming or "water ballet" performance might be more fun to participate in than to attend. What was I thinking with that one? Watching other people swim on a 100-degree day doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Before the show, we tried to go to the bakery from "Ace of Cakes" but missed it by a block and ended up accidentally going to a bar instead. Turns out you can't go inside Charm City Cakes at all. You can't even look in the windows! The panes are all blacked out and cakes start at $1000 each, a little out of my price range. Each bite would be like $50.

Photos by Amy! Thanks!

Then we tried to get crabcake sandwiches, but neglected to read the menu carefully and accidentally ordered softshell crabs. The sandwiches arrived with legs sticking out of the bread, it was all very shocking. A perfect end to a topsy turvy day.

Although we did see this car:

That probably fulfilled the "weird and artsy" component I was looking for. What is it? Is it driveable? Can anyone shed some light on what this car is all about?