5k Slog

I ran my 2nd race on Friday, a 5k in Crystal City. If I had run this 5k first, I would never ever have run the 10 mile race. The 5k seemed harder, for some reason. It was raining the whole time. I stomped in puddles, with my $6 Forever 21 red dress purchased for the Red Dress Run hidden behind my raincoat.

Plus the pace was so much faster and I am not a fast runner. A fat Labrador wearing a red t-shirt passed me at one point.

Here's me looking sad in a pic posted with my results (29:09 minutes, way better than my high school gym class 11 minute miles). In the end, I was glad I tried it and finished. Phew! On to the next.

Here are the girls I was struggling to keep up with:

Linda in fierce mode!