Rolling in the Deep

I didn't wait in line on the opening day for the new branch of Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, but I did get there this past Saturday to eat a Shack Burger. I may have idolized this burger from my trips to NYC and I may have spent the past 6 months hyping it up to everyone around me. I would chart the steady progress of the D.C. Shake Shack as I walked home from work to the bus stop, sometimes taking pictures to document milestones. One day I saw new employees practicing trust falls on the sidewalk outside.But somehow it wasn't quite as transcendent as I remember. It was good, don't get me wrong. But maybe something was lost in translation. What do you think? I'll have to go back to the Shake Shack in NYC to compare notes. And the milkshake is too teensy for the $5 price tag. I saw the calorie count, so maybe that's for the best though. Next time, I'm just getting the burger.We barely waited in line, albeit we were eating dinner at 5 p.m. Like ol' fogeys. I placed my order, they wrote down my name, and when I picked up the food, one of the employees said, "Adele is my favorite singer.""Thank you," I said.Thank you?? As if I had anything to do with her success. Yes, I will take credit for her singing career. We Adeles need to stick together.