Tunes Tuesday: "Suck it and See," Arctic Monkeys

The title of Arctic Monkeys' new release, "Suck it and See," really doesn't translate very well to American English. With a name like that, I wasn't expecting the title track to be such a lovely little ditty, as heard here in an acoustic version by Alex Turner. It turns out all this Britishism means is give it a try, so we can all get our minds out of the gutter.

The band made their name with blistering, snarky anthems, but don't overlook the slow songs, like 2009's "Cornerstone." That's what I put on repeat, just Turner's straightfoward croon, ambiguous lyrics and throwback melodies. In "Suck it and See," Turner sings, "I poured my aching heart into a pop song/ I couldn't get the hang of the poetry." After a few dozen listens of the song, it sounds to me like he has a fine handle on poetry, but pop is fortunate to have him.

Preview the new album on their site now!

PS - I'm going to try to write every Tuesday about a song I'm currently digging. I listen to songs on repeat for hours at a time, so rest assured you will only hear about the ones that make the 10x in a row mark. And I also love song lyrics, so I'll probably be posting some choice lyrics too. Hope you enjoy!