Purse Twin

Debie and I met up halfway this weekend in Philadelphia. It was a day trip totally on a whim. We each thought the other was planning the itinerary. Whoops! But it turned out to be just right. We both took Megabus from our respective cities, then went and stood in line for cheesesteak and peeked in the window at the Liberty Bell (the line was way too long, ok?). Thus concluded the cultural aspect of our tour, and we marched onwards, partaking in gelato-eating, shopping in Rittenhouse Square and a fun, leisurely dinner at Tria, a fancy but not at all snooty wine bar.

Debie had tweeted about the Philly day trip, and the Philadelphia tourism office dutifully tweeted her back on Monday, asking "How was your trip?"

I said she should write that we spent money and contributed to their economy. Ha.

This is the new purse I bought at South Moon Under in Philadelphia. I love everything at South Moon Under. They do a great job of stocking cute, affordable items. Back to the purse - look at those black and white stripes, and poppy colors. It was the only one like it in the store. How could I not take it home with me? My problem is that I am always drawn to crazy things like this, and then everything I own is crazy and I have no white t-shirts.

So I got the purse on Saturday and wore it for the first time on Tuesday. Guess what I saw in the Metro today?

I know this purse was mass-produced in China, but still, small world. This girl actually exited at the same stop as me. Maybe she is my doppelganger. Or evil twin. Sorry for taking photos of you on the Metro, evil twin. But I think I'm going to win the "Who Wore It Better" contest. Though I might wear it with jhorts too.