Tunes Tuesday: "Call Your Boyfriend," Robyn

Hey, Lady Gaga? While you've been wedging yourself into a giant egg, parading around in a hamburger dress and singing about being as free as your hair, little ol' Robyn is stealing your claim to today's best top-40 synth pop. Example: this single-take video for "Call Your Girlfriend," a breakup dance track with lyrics from the point of view of both the woman scorned and the other woman.

I know this I'm late to the party here since this song was released in 2010, but it should be a radio hit today. C'mon America, let's make it happen! Robyn is more than talented enough to take some of Gaga/Rihanna/Katy Perry's cash.

At first I thought the best Robyn song was "Cry When You Get Older." Then I switched my allegiance to "Dancing On My Own." Thirty listens to "Call Your Girlfriend," and I'm sure that this is the one. All of these songs combine the perfect ratio of earworm melody, thoughtfully heartbroken lyrics and beats with just the right amount of sing-along pop cheese.

And going along with last week's Lollapalooza post, here's a shuffling take on the song by a band I was lucky enough to see at the festival, Noah and The Whale. Although they've changed it to "Call Your Boyfriend." I think it's cooler when musicians covering songs play the gender pronouns as they lay. Don't you think?