Tunes Tuesday, "Piledriver Waltz," Alex Turner


Some people might grow out of angsty teen movies, but I'm not in that camp.  If you're like me and love a good "quirky sensitive outsider teen against the world" flick, put Submarine on your Netflix queue.  An easy description of Submarine is the British Rushmore, but that's unfair.  It's artfully done, with some beautiful scenes that will stick with you.  And the main character is deeply likable, even when he's doing unlikeable things, like conducting "routine searches" of his parents' bedroom, or contemplating killing his girlfriend's dog to prepare her for the possible death of a parent.  He means well, even in the most disastrously misguided of his decisions.  

And I knew I had to love the film when I realized the soundtrack is by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.  He could forget the whole rock thing and just write these sorts of ballads, and that would make me happy.  I love the way he turns a phrase - "If you're going to try and walk on water, make sure you wear your comfortable shoes."