New Headboard: To Be or Not To Be?

Ever since I moved into my new place, I've had my eye on this Scroll Headboard from West Elm. I've never had a headboard before. In my last bedroom, I put the bed in front of two bookshelves and books occasionally fell on my head. 

But no more, if I had the Scroll Headboard. It looks suitably imposing/princess-y, which apparently is a look I'm going for.


While Christmas shopping at Tysons, I saw that the headboard happened to be on sale for 25% off, which is the best deal I'd ever seen in my year of careful monitoring. So when I was supposed to be shopping for others, I dropped $300 on myself. Plus they had it in stock, so I wouldn't have to pay to get it delivered. Even more savings. They said it would fit in a minivan, no problem.

I made my dad drive me in the minivan to Tysons during the thick of Christmas shopping, which is a kamikaze mission.  Of course I bought this thing during one of the most painful times to go to the mall. 

And unfortunately for both of us, it turned out the headboard wouldn't fit in the minivan. The stock guy wouldn't even try. It is gigantic.  Much more so than I accounted for in my initial impulsive shopping.  Which made me wonder, will it even fit up the stairs in my apartment?


My boxframe for the full bed fit up the stairs, but it was a struggle.  If the box frame fit up the stairs, then a 5.5 ft x 4.5 ft headboard will be able to as well?  My fear is that I will manage to drag it home and then it will get stuck on the stairs.

So my options are as follows. I can:

a.) Convince my dad to take the seats out of the minivan, which will involve much grumbling and be painful for all involved.

b.) Pay $120 to get it shipped, but that is almost half of the price of the whole thing.  But it would be less of a hassle.

c.) Rent a UHaul, which would be a huge hassle.

d.) Return the dang thing and wash your hands of all of it.  Maybe it wasn't meant to be.  And plus I will be dragging it around forever.

Right now it is sitting in a stockroom, awaiting my next move.  I'd like to outsource this decision.  I really want it, but is it worth all the hassle?  What do you think I should do?