Ann Taylor Perfect Pointy Pumps

My Ann Taylor shopping trips continue - last Monday, I needed to find some grownup clothes and shoes.  Most of my shoes have vestigial buckles or pictures of cartoon dogs on them, so this is a huge step forward for me.

I needed something that was decidedly conservative, so Ann Taylor seemed like a good bet.  I know this is the store of choice for D.C. careerist types.  My roommate who works on the Hill used to wear Ann Taylor almost exclusively.  She even wore it when we out clubbing at a sketchy warehouse.  But I've avoided Ann Taylor thus far, mainly because I hate buying work clothes.  This shopping trip impressed me, though.  It seemed very on trend, lots of neon everywhere, but in a restrained boss lady way.

I ended up getting these shoes - what do you think?  The saleswoman who helped me picked out an entire outfit for me, including the pumps.  I put them on and they were the most comfortable heels I've ever worn.  "I'll take them!" I said.  Then I looked at the price.  This sent me reeling, because I was expecting a tag similar to the $5 pants I just bought at Ann Taylor Loft.  I had no idea their shoes were this much.

Oh well.  Wish I had used a coupon.  They won't go out of style, so I feel better about it.  I wore them all day and stood in them for one hour straight and they didn't obliterate my feet so I'll give the Perfect Pointy Pumps a thumbs-up so far.  Anyone else wear Ann Taylor shoes?  Let me know if this was a good buy or not in the comments.