Frosting Fiasco

Is there anyone who can eat a Georgetown Cupcake neatly?  Certainly not me.  Stacks of little miniature cupcakes are served at seemingly every fancy party I go to, and they always look cute and dainty.

But I invariably pick up the variety that has frosting injected inside (perhaps via this device?).  I take one bite, and frosting is simultaneously exploding and imploding and probably all over my chin.  Maybe my nose too?  Then I have to reach for the napkin while trying to hold onto the rapidly disintegrating crumbs of the cupcake, which seemed like a two-bite endeavor but now feels like more of a meal.  Do I keep eating this and continue making a huge mess?  Or do I throw it away?  But is that admitting defeat?  And has anyone noticed this sorry spectacle?

These are the things I worry about while all the other guests are refilling their drinks, ha.