Children's Magazines of the 1990s

"The category for my trivia quiz this week is Nickelodeon," Debie told me.  "Quick, tell me everything about our childhood."

After all those afternoons of staring at the TV many moons ago, everything just came rushing back. I rattled off: "Ren and Stimpy!  Rocko's Modern Life!  Stick Stickley!"

Remember Stick Stickley?  It was a popsicle stick puppet that told you what shows were coming up next.

"I love that we were entertained by a popsicle stick with googly eyes," Debie said.

It was a simpler time back then, pre-Ipad.  Kids nowdays wouldn't pay attention to Stick Stickley even if he was in 3-D.

"I think i had a subscription to Nickelodeon magazine, the most useless publication known to man. This is probably why i didn't end up at Harvard. Because I was reading Nickelodeon magazine instead of the encyclopedia," Debie said.

Debie definitely did have a subscription to Nickelodeon magazine because I remember reading it at her house when we were kids. They had a caption contest on the last page that I really wanted to win.

I myself was a Disney Adventures magazine subscriber. Do you remember that? I'm posting a very apt example of the magazine's cover, the September 1993 edition featuring Joey Lawrence with a cartoon monkey from Aladdin.  I think I remember this very issue.

These were my prized possessions.  After reading from cover to cover, I saved every issue.  My annoying little brother (sorry, Dan) was always trying to borrow them and then bending the pages and gasp - losing them.  I tried to create a library card system with the Disney Adventures to keep him in check.  It wasn't as successful as one might've hoped.

I also saved all my issues of Zoobooks and oddly enough, I was really into Reader's Digest.  I liked the jokes page and the "Life in These United States" section at first, but then I started reading every article, especially the amazing true survival stories. 

Is that a weird magazine for a kid to like?  Did you read any magazines when you were a kid?

Also, this makes me realize that I watched so much television as a child.  I read a lot too, but we're talking hours and hours of Nickelodeon, which I loved.  Maybe that time could've been better spent, but it's funny to think that now I don't even own a TV.  I didn't develop a crippling television habit as an adult, and it doesn't seem to have adversely affected my life.  Except for the whole Harvard thing, which Debie brought up.  But let's face it, Harvard was never in the cards for me.  Disney Adventures was, however.