Weekend Notes

This is the DC Miso ramen from Sakuramen, Adams Morgans' answer to Toki Underground. Do you see why it's DC-inspired? I'll give you a minute.

OK, time's up. The pork belly is the reflecting pool, there's a Washington Monument, and the little radish is a cherry blossom. How cute, huh? My waiter explained all of this to me, or else I would've just devoured it without noticing.

So besides a ramen trip, this weekend I helped set up for a photoshoot that my company is working on today, went to two of my roommate's yoga classes, visited Buffalo Billiards twice in one weekend which is strange. I also went to LIV's Fatback dance party, a soul/funk/oldies/90s party where people dance like crazy. After all these years, it's still fun and still crazy crowded! I ended up dancing next to a former coworker, which is always funny. He was there for the same birthday party that brought me there too.

Also filed under coincidences/birthday parties, on Friday I headed to my friend Carolyn's surprise party at Buffalo Billiards. The bus took forever to show up at the bus stop, and there was only one other guy standing next to me waiting. He was carrying a large sheet cake. I get to the party after eating a quick dinner, and there's that same guy. We were both heading to the same place! I saw him and thought immediately, "Awesome, there will be cake."